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Para encontrar las Advanced Hardware ArchitecturesFicha técnica, búsqueda okDatasheet por el número de pieza o componente descripción. Se le presentará una lista de todas las partes se pongan en venta con fichas AHA. Haga clic en cualquier lista de componentes electrónicos para ver más detalles, incluido cualquier especificacionesEl Último de datos en PDF AHA
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El Último de datos en PDF AHA

Parte NoAplicación
AHA4013B-050PJC Error correction device
AHA4210A-062PJC Viterbi with reed-solomon decoder
AHA3540A-040PTC Compression coprocessor IC
AHA3431A-040PQC Comprocessor/decompressor IC
AHA4012B-006PJC Error correction device
AHA4501A-050PQC Encoder/decoder
AHA3410C-025PQC Comprocessor/decompressor IC
AHA3210B-020PQC Data compression coprocessor IC
AHA3580A-080PTC Compression coprocessor IC
AHA4011C-040PJC Error direction device
AHA3422A-033PQC Comprocessor/decompressor IC
AHA4012B-006PJI Error correction device

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Experience and expertise are driving Comtech AHA Corporation's groundbreaking achievements in communications technology. AHA is a fabless semiconductor company that develops, markets, and licenses data coding technologies such as Reed-Solomon, Turbo Product Codes, Low Density Parity Check Codes, and lossless data compression for the communications, networking, and data storage markets. Since 1988, AHA has been developing and distributing integrated circuits (ICs). With a history rich in innovation, AHA is a company of firsts in FEC technology, including production of the first single-chip Reed-Solomon IC and the first commercially available Turbo Product Code hardware. AHA was also the first to develop Content Addressable Memory architectures for high-performance single-chip data compression. AHA's current product lines of FEC and Lossless Data Compression products are based on these patented technologies. Comtech AHA Corporation is a wholly owned subsidiary of Comtech Telecommunications Corporation (NASDAQ:CMTL).

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