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CW16 MK3230-01STR MK1449S AV9248F-56-T ICS672M-02T ICS9148F-37 ICS8530DY-01T ICS650R-21IT ICS9169CJ-272 MK2049-34SI ICS9110-01CN14 ICS9108-05CN8 ICS9248F-56-T AV9172-03CN16 AV1890Y AV9155C-36CM20 ICS9155-02N20 MK1573-02S ICS552G-02 ICS9120M-47 ICS650R-21 ICS551MT AV9173-01CS08 IC

ICST Catálogo de datos-11

Parte NoFabricanteAplicación
ICS580M-01 ICSTGlitch-free clock multiplexer
AV9172-07CW16 ICSTLow skew output buffer
MK3230-01STR ICST12MHZ Portable system clock synthesizer
MK1449S ICSTSound/SCSI+fast ethernet clock
AV9248F-56-T ICSTFrequency timing generator for Pentium II system
ICS672M-02T ICSTQuadra clock quadrature delay buffer
ICS9148F-37 ICSTFrequency generator and integrated buffers for Pentium/PRO
ICS8530DY-01T ICSTLow skew 1 to 16 differential to 3.3V LVPECL fanout buffer
ICS650R-21IT ICSTSystem peripheral clock source
ICS9169CJ-272 ICSTFrequency generator for Pentium based system
MK2049-34SI ICST3.3V Communication clock PLL
ICS9110-01CN14 ICSTSerially programmable frequency generator
ICS9108-05CN8 ICSTCPU frequency generator
ICS9248F-56-T ICSTFrequency timing generator for Pentium II system
AV9172-03CN16 ICSTLow skew output buffer
AV1890Y ICST100 base-T/100 base-TX integrated PHYceiver
AV9155C-36CM20 ICSTLow-cost 20-pin frequency generator
ICS9155-02N20 ICSTLow-cost 20-pin frequency generator
MK1573-02S ICSTGen clock HSYNC to video clock
ICS552G-02 ICSTLow skew 2 input MUX and 1 to 8 clock buffer
ICS9120M-47 ICSTModem and audio clock generator
ICS650R-21 ICSTSystem peripheral clock source
ICS551MT ICST1 to 4 clock buffer
AV9173-01CS08 ICSTVideo genlock PLL
ICS1892Y-14 ICST10 base-T/100 base-TX integrated PHYceiver
AV9112M-26-T ICSTLow skew output buffer
ICS9112M-36 ICSTFrequency generator for fible channel system
ICS1572M-301 ICSTUser programmable differential output graphics clock generator
AV9155-23M20 ICSTLow-cost 20-pin frequency generator
ICS9159F-12 ICSTFrequency generator and buffers for mobile Pentium system

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